A comprehensive platform for them to reference their reports. Our intuitive dialog system helps elucidate the narrative of their investment property, enhancing the understanding of clients. By utilizing Primakey, inspectors can deliver insightful, detailed reports that illuminate the true value and potential of any investment property. This ensures that stakeholders have a clear understanding of their asset, resulting in informed decision-making. Whether you are a home inspector or a commercial inspector, Primakey is a reliable partner that helps unravel the intricate details of your investment property.


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Select from a diverse library of hundreds of narratives, comments, articles, and inserts to enrich your inspection report. Our wide-ranging content allows you to provide a customized and comprehensive story of your client’s building. Using these resources not only enhances the accuracy of your report but also helps your clients understand their building's condition and value better. The narratives, comments, and articles are designed to cover all possible scenarios, ensuring that every detail is captured and communicated effectively. With our vast selection, you can make your reports more informative and engaging, making it easier for clients to make informed decisions.


We offer an extensive collection of over 7500 commercial narratives and an equal number of home inspection narratives. These narratives are designed to aid in the creation of your report, providing comprehensive article detail. Our aim is to simplify the understanding of complex subjects by presenting them in an easy-to-read format. The narratives are well-structured, incorporating both expert comments and informative articles. This vast repository of narratives serves as a robust resource, facilitating the delineation and elucidation of intricate topics, thereby enhancing the overall quality and comprehensibility of your report.

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Primakeys has chosen the Surface Pro 9 as its go-to device for conducting inspections due to its unique features that perfectly align with the company's needs. Its lightweight nature makes it easily portable, thereby enhancing efficiency during on-site inspections. The Surface Pro 9 is equipped with advanced software capabilities, which facilitate comprehensive inspections for both residential and commercial properties. The device integrates all the necessary tools required for a full inspection, making it an ideal choice for Primakeys. Therefore, the Surface Pro 9 stands as a testament to Primakeys' commitment to leveraging modern technology to deliver high-quality inspection services.

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Our software, designed by inspectors, presents a user-friendly format that is easy to learn and navigate. We understand the importance of saving money, hence we've ensured that our product is not only cost-effective but also devoid of recurring monthly fees. This feature makes our software not only affordable but also a financially attractive option for businesses looking to optimize their operations. Our easy to learn software has been thoughtfully designed to cater to a wide range of users, allowing them to quickly adapt and make the most of its features.


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Our dedicated team is committed to investing the necessary time and resources to gain a comprehensive understanding of your inspection business. We recognize that every business has unique needs and opportunities, especially in the context of its specific geographical location. We are dedicated to helping you identify and leverage these unique aspects to create a robust and effective business model. Our goal is to assist you in carving out a distinct position in your local market that aligns with your business objectives, while also providing a competitive edge. Trust us to provide the strategic guidance you need to thrive in your market.


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Samantha S. ( Primakeys did a great job with the complex installation and the staff enjoyed the training. Truly gave all of us confidence with our new Clovers. )

Primakeys did a great job with the complex installation and the staff enjoyed the training. Truly gave all of us confidence with our new Clovers.



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